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Photography For The Love of Art

Before I was a photographer, or ever picked up a camera, I knew inside I was creative, all my life. At a young age I began drawing and exploring abstract painting, then I began to mix all of those together into the digital arts.  It called to me even when I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life.  Creation is who I am… If I am not expressing through a few mediums, I’m not living to my fullest potential!! 

Jen is an artist of multi-dimensional dreams. Her work signifies the stories of the world around her highlighing styles of pop art, science fiction and the battles of dark and light. She creates images inspired by one prop that leads her to create an environment around it filled with bright colors, surreal contrasted scenes and mind-bending graphics. Her motivations for creation hope to inspire others to awaken their dreams and create their realities.

How do I get an art piece created?
Please contact me to create your personalized and customized piece.

Can I buy pieces you already have created?
Yes! I have a gallery for my photography and art pieces!  I have a variety of abstract, cityscapes and so so so much more!  I’ve been featured in a few galleries and blogs over the last couple of years and my goal is to do a solo show very soon.  I have also designed a few POSTERS for people to use for their bands, businesses and concerts.

You can find some examples here:  Artwork Gallery >>

Mediums Available: metal prints, canvas & various products on my store.

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