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Photography For The Love of Art

Before I was a photographer, or ever picked up a camera, I knew inside I was creative, all my life. At a young age I began drawing and exploring abstract painting, then I began to mix all of those together into the digital arts.  It called to me even when I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life.  Creation is who I am… If I am not expressing through a few mediums, I’m not living to my fullest potential!! 

How do I get an art piece created?
In a majority of my wedding sessions, a few art pieces are included , but, I’m also available for contract and commission work!  Be it local galleries, your wedding portraits, architecture or environmental pieces.  I can reach beyond and pull out amazingly cohesive pieces that resonate to their own voice.  Given the permission, I can create something AMAZING to hang in places that people will consistently be inspired to reach beyond.  Contact me directly to get your art pieces going.

Can I buy pieces you already have created?
Yes! I have a gallery for my photography and art pieces!  I have a variety of abstract, cityscapes and so so so much more!  I’ve been featured in a few galleries and blogs over the last couple of years and my goal is to do a solo show very soon.  I have also designed a few POSTERS for people to use for their bands, businesses and concerts.

You can find some examples here:  Artwork Gallery >>
The artwork created is available for prints & various forms of media forms in order to have a memory of our creative time. You can find these options on my online store!

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